:: F.A.Q.

What is the liquid inside AquariumPCs?

The liquid inside AquariumPC is pharmaceutical grade mineral oil, sometimes called liquid paraffin, mineral oil or white oil. It is most pure mineral oil and its characteristics are:
  • High heat conductivity;
  • No electrical conductivity;
  • Odorless and colorless;
  • Low viscosity;
  • Not flamable;
  • Does not oxidize over time.
Are AquariumPCs equipped with usb connectors and CD/DVD players?
Sure! Lifting the plexiglas lid of each AquariumPC you can access to all connectors! The full list of connectors for each AquariumPCs is available on realtive pages. CD/DVD players are not included in AquariumPCs but they can be purchased separately and connected by USB.

How can heat generated by electronic components dissipate?
Thanks to the heat exchange between oil and air helped by convective motion of the fluid due to fans and an air pump positioned on the backdrop! Moreover AquariumPCs are much more reliable than fan or liquid cooling systems.

Why do not AquariumPC short-circuit?
Easy! The resistance to current flow of mineral oil is extremely high due to the few free electrons. Many transformers in power plants are cooled with oil!

Why are not the hard-drives submerged?
Because oil would enter through an hole (on the hard drive) used to balance air pressure between in and outside and mechanical parts of hard-drives wouldn't work properly if submerged, because oil has an higher density than air.

Can I replace AquariumPC parts?
Yes. Using gloves and proper precautions you can replace any component that you want to update. Despite this, my advise is to keep the original AquariumPC configuration.

Can neon and air pump be switched off?
Sure. A simple button allows you to turn off neon and air pump letting you to work or play in absolute silence.

I am interested, how can I buy it?
Simple! Contact me through one of the methods described HERE